Project #1

        The architecture of Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church's construction is a testament to the enduring faith and dedication of its members. In 1921, the congregation, composed of a small group of committed Christians, came together to build their first church home with their own hands and a labor of love. This initial structure, designed by master carpenter and church member Mr. Nelson Smoot, was a small wooden building located at the corner of Kentucky and Chippewa Streets.
         It distinguished by its distinctive bell tower, which not only served as a visual landmark but also as a functional element. Tragically, in approximately 1926, this wooden church was lost to a devastating fire, resulting in the bell's last toll. This was when the new construction of the building was made. This time, they opted for a more durable and fire-resistant material, using bricks in the construction.
      The architectural transition from a wooden structure with a bell tower to a brick-built church symbolized not only resilience but also a commitment to providing a permanent and secure place of worship for the community. Nathan had been a member of this church since the late 70s. The additions were built by William and Richardson Inc. The north addition has a new basement with classrooms, an expanded fellowship hall, and an upper level with classrooms and a chapel. The south Addition has a new choir and new church finance offices.