D E T R O I T  A R C H I T E C T
Building Excellence Together: Our Expertise, Your Satisfaction
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"We believe in thoroughness, construction expertise, and close collaboration with clients to deliver immensely satisfying projects."


Detroit Architect, founded by Nathan Harvey, from a lifelong passion for architecture and a desire to provide exceptional design and construction services. "From a young age, I aspired to become an architect, and after achieving that dream, I decided to establish a practice."
"The inspiration to become an architect originated from my early experiences with design and my mother's encouragement to explore my creative side. I discovered a natural aptitude for the technical aspects of architecture, which further fueled my passion for the field."

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What we do

We specialize in renovating various building types, such as commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential properties. Our focus is on reviving and improving these spaces to meet our clients' evolving needs and standards. Whether it's for businesses, industrial facilities, historic landmarks, or homes, we're committed to providing top-notch renovation services.

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Our values are deeply rooted in our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. We prioritize being detail-oriented and maintaining an extensive knowledge of construction, collaborating closely with clients and constructors to ensure their needs are met.


Our mission is to provide creative solutions that address our clients' unique requirements while bringing professionalism and expertise to every project.